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Much anxiety going around about removing that very anxiety. It is an endless loop.

According to a study (a statistical study summarizing all the viable data about the subject matter in all relevant studies) in 2013, as many as 28.3% …

Pornography, beyond sexual dysfunction, promotes sexless love, loveless sex, by creating a gulf between emotional intimacy and sexual desire.

The triple-A principle-accessibility, affordability, anonymity-facilitates drug use, and porn is a drug with sexual gratification as its effect. Since the appearance of various tube sites all over the Internet, these three A’s have been readily satisfied for any porn user with an electronic device.

Habitual porn usage acts like a…

Nothing beats the pain produced by her.

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The second hand jerked from twelve to one. Dinner was lovely but airless. Silence and exhaustion vacuumed his apartment in the centre of which spanned a rectangular dining table that could accommodate six, in Andrew’s apartment. While setting down his home-cooked dinner, two steaks with mash and peas, a flick…

A story about a not-so-distant future where we have gone rogue.

The morning was bright and warm when George Newman woke up to the soothing jazz trumpet. “Something calm but interesting. I would recommend Almost Blue,” his new Jerry had suggested the night before.

Groom, meditate while breathing droplets of essential oils, stretch, jog — morning routine customized by Jerry. …

Death negates life, affirms life.

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It is true, as far as our physical selves are concerned, that we begin to die the very moment we are conceived in the womb. It is also true, as so memorably (to me, as I’m sure many others have delivered similar wisdom as he) said by Richard Dawkins, that…

Why do we insist on tidying up our rooms as among the first responsibilities to take on?

My Room

How can one take on the world if one can’t even tidy one’s room? Okay, perhaps it’s not a verbatim translation of the famed rhetorical aphorism from ancient China, but I believe the stress upon the indispensability of room-cleaning has not been lost.

My mother is a fervent follower of…

Once upon a time there was a part-time recluse who spent hours upon hours in the basement of this house which I currently occupy, where he and his family had lived in. He left behind a room full of journals, the last entry of which reads as follows.

The basement…

Some of the most important lines in your story are also useful for inspiration

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The first sentence is famous for its importance and notorious for its difficulty to master. When well-executed, however, that first paragraph or sentence becomes a black hole from which the reader is hopeless to escape.

Here are 30 great prompts for opening sentences that demonstrate this “black hole” effect. In…


Four short letters to four parts of me

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Dear Love,

Have I told you that you’re the rose in my hands? So beautiful, so painful, so irresistible. You waited 25 years to show me how you operate — possibly — on one’s heart, only to teach me that you’re not all petals. You’re also thorns.

You nearly broke…

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The raindrops drummed on the hood, symphonic with the revving engine, pumping anxiety into her heart, making her hands jitter. It had been about a year since the last time she sat behind the wheel. Even though she had gotten full votes of confidence even from her doctor, she didn’t…

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